I am Scottish Artist whose work is primarily figurative.
My influences are everything from old masters to contemporary graphic novels, film & music.
If you would like to commission a portrait or enquire about any of my works, I can be reached at -

Voyeur,   Etching,   Colin Dunbar  
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The Medium,   oil on board,   Colin Dunbar   (Sold)
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Run With The Moon,   Oil on Board   ©  Colin Dunbar  25cm x 25cm   

"Portrait of Sir Kenneth Dover"    Oil on Canvas   Colin Dunbar
(Click on image for a close-up)
Commissioned by St. Andrews University to mark his last year as Chancellor of the University

When We All Lived In The Forest,   Oil on Board,  ©  Colin Dunbar

Out There In The Night,   Oil on Paper,   ©  Colin Dunbar   14cm x 21cm   Window Mounted on Black Card   

Crimson Trees,  Oil on Board,   25cmx25cm   ©  Colin Dunbar   

Please e-mail if you would like to purchase work, commission a portrait or illustration, or if you have any queries at-


All images copyright C.Dunbar 2011,  All rights reserved.

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